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Our protective packaging systems for cotton and synthetic fiber are designed to prevent contamination and product damage during handling, shipping and storage.
Bale Packaging
Signode's Revolution up-packing strapping system M-634/658 is a high speed system for applying strap around bales. Due to its small size, multiple strapping heads can apply up to six straps simultaneously, eliminating the indexing time needed to apply one strap at a time. This efficiency, combined with a 10 second cycle time, enables you to pack more bales faster which shortens your production time and reduces overhead and labor costs.
Signode's M-634/658 can be supplied with a special control-box, only requiring a start-signal. This makes the implementation by the OEM in new or existing press very easy.
To learn more about Signode plastic strapping systems for Fiber make your selection from the solutions listed.
Signode Solutions
Plastic Strap
High-Strength Tenax™ Polyester Strapping
Strapping Tools
BXT Battery Powered Tool VT 16/19
Strapping Equipment
M-634/658 MH-Head MH-V
AK-100 AK-200
  Packaging Accessories
MLC Strap Cutter M-CTL 16-32 Strap Cut-To-Length Robot